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A 709 Grade 36 Steel Plates

A 709 Grade 36 Steel Plates. 1.A709 steel plate is primarily used in the manufacture of bridges. 2.We stocks A709 steel plate Grade 36, 50 and 50W. These grades are often specified with charpy tests referencing the specific zone, or climatic region, in which the bridge will be in use. A 709 Grade 50W Steel Plates_A516Gr70|S355J2|SA516GR70 3.Unitedsteel can also be ordered to the AASHTO M270 spec referenced as AASHTO M270 Grade 36, AASHTO M270 Grade 50, AASHTO M270 Grade 50W.AASHTO is the abbreviation for American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials. 4.High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel Plate all measurement in Inches Thickness Width Length

A709 Structural, Carbon & HSLA Steel Plate - Chapel Steel

A high-strength, low-alloy structural steel plate utilized primarily in the manufacture of bridges. Chapel Steel stocks A709 Grade 36, A709 Grade 50 and A709 Grade 50W. These grades are often specified with Charpy tests referencing the specific zone or lowest anticipated service temperature. ASTM A709 - SSAB high-strength steelASTM A709. The ASTM A709 is the Standard Specification for Structural Steel for Bridges and encompasses carbon, high-strength low-alloy, and quenched and tempered alloy steels used as structural plates in the construction of bridges. SSAB offers the following five grades of A709; 36, 50, 50W, HPS 50W and HPS 70W. ASTM A709 Steel, grade 50 and 50W, 100 mmASTM A709 Steel, grade 50 and 50W, 100 mm Categories:Metal; Ferrous Metal; Alloy Steel; Low Alloy Steel; ASTM Steel; Carbon Steel; Low Carbon Steel. Material Notes:High strength, low alloy steel:Vendors:No vendors are listed for this material.

Bridge Design Manual - Chapter 8

Structural Steel:AASHTO M270 Grade 36 F y = 36,000 psi Structural Steel (including H-Piles, splices and pile points):AASHTO M270 Grade 50, 50W F y = 50,000 psi Structural Steel Pins:ASTM A276 UNS Designation S20161 or S21800 F y = 50,000 psi Temp Support Hanger Rods:ASTM A 193 Grade High Performance Steel For Highway Bridgesfor HPS 70W and conventional AASHTO M270 Grade 50W steel. The brittle-ductile transition of HPS occurs at a much lower temperature than conventional Grade 50W steel. This means that HPS 70W(485W) remains fully ductile at lower temperatures where conventional Grade 50W steel begins to show brittle behavior. Merchant Bar & Structural Steel - Commercial Metals CompanyASTM A709-36/50. AASHTO M270-36/50/50W. ABS GRADES A, B AH32, AH36 CLASS U - GRADE A, B, AH36. CANADIAN CSA G40.21 44W, 44WT, 50W, 50WT, 50A, 50AT. 1SERIES-BPS ® CMC Proprietary Multi-Grade. SBQ:Please inquire . 1Series-BPS ® - a versatile product. With CMC Steels multi-grade 1Series-BPS

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Gr. B 42 58 46 58 Gr. C 46 62 50 62 A501 Gr. A 36 58 Gr. B 50 70 A529c Gr. 50 50 65-100 Gr. 55 55 70-100 A709 36 36 58-80b A1043d 36 36-52 58 50 50-65 65 High-Strength Low-Alloy A572 Gr. 42 42 60 Gr. 50 50 65 Gr. 55 55 70 Gr. 60e 60 75 Gr. 65e 65 80 A618f Gr. Ia, Ib & II 50g 70g Gr. III 50 65 A709 50 50 65 50S 50-65 65 50W 50 70 A913 50 50h 65h Structural Steel Specification - Codes and standards Mar 01, 2011 · And they will remain the same until the AASHTO committee goes back to being lazy about keeping up with ASTM and then M 270 will be two years behind A 709 again. More of an answer than you wanted. Hg. Eng-Tips policies:FAQ731-376:Eng-Tips Forum Policies. RE:Structural Steel Specification. Ron (Structural) 1 Mar 11 21:40. Structure Steel Plate For Bridge ASTM A709 Grade 50 Bridge steels can also be ordered to the ASSHTO M270 Specification referenced as AASHTO M270 Grade 36, AASHTO M270 Grade 50, AASHTO M270 Grade 50W. ASTM A709 Grade 50 steel plate Shew-e steel is specialized in supplying ASTM A709 steel plate in A709 Grade 50. For more information of A709 Grade 50steel plates, please check them in following:

M270 vs. A709:Grade Comparison Leeco Steel, LLC

  • AASHTO vs. ASTMBridge Manufacturing ConsiderationsM270 & A709 SpecificationsSourcing M270 & A709 Steel Plate For Bridge ManufacturingM270 and A709 steel materials are each produced to meet standards set by their regulatory bodies. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) oversees the specifications of M270 steel plate, while ASTM oversees the specifications of A709 steel plate.

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