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Threaded Ball Configurations. Another gage oriented application is to hold a hard steel or tungsten carbide ball on the measuring tip of a dial indicating gage. The threaded hole can be machined by conventional drilling and tapping methods, in plastic, mild steel, brass, 300 series stainless steels, and other unhardened materials. Carbide Balls Redhill Precision Specialty BallsBALL SIZING:where precision tungsten carbide balls provide fast, economical and accurate hole finishing method when used in ball sizing of any industry. Tungsten carbide balls may provide improved hole finishes and tolerances.

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Hard metal balls (tungsten carbide, stellite®), they are characterized by excellent wear, abrasion and collision resistance. They can be manufactured with high dimensional precision. Main application are in flow meters, special bearings, tool machines, sliding rails, precision measurement instruments, naval, mining and petrol industry. Precision Balls Cylindrical Rollers - Global Precision Global Precision Ball & Roller offers cylindrical rollers which are commonly used in bearing applications where the majority of the load is going in the radial direction. Such rollers are manufactured from 52100 Chrome steel, as well as S2 Rockbit Tool Steel. We proudly offer these rollers in a variety of sizes, ranging from diameters of 7.00 mm to 50.00 mm, and length ranges from 10.00 mm to Precision Balls McMaster-CarrChoose from our selection of precision balls, including over 1,700 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Hard Wear-Resistant 52100 Alloy Steel Balls. Ultra-Hard C2 Tungsten Carbide Balls. 260 Brass Balls.

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Tungsten Carbide Balls are evaluated using a computer assisted Federal Circular Geometry Gage that is accurate within 2 millionths of an inch to insure that they conform to ABMA standards or to special customer requirements. Chrome steel balls are offered in Grades 10 to 200 with Grades 3 and 5 available upon special request. Spheric Trafalgar Precision Balls - ballbizSpheric Trafalgar Precision Balls We make the world go round in a variety of different materials including chrome steel, case and through hardened carbon, stainless steel, Silicon Nitride, ceramic, plastic and tungsten carbide. In addition, our elite production division manufactures high precision CMM reference and tooling balls as well as Tungsten Carbide Ball Bearing Tungsten Carbide PropertiesThe tungsten carbide ball are made almost entirely of tungsten carbide, which is a chemical compound made from equal parts tungsten and carbon atoms. In its raw form, its a fine powder that you can easily press into shapes. Tungsten carbides composition includes:Tungsten Carbide 93.5% -

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These properties make tungsten carbide ball products a popular option for situations where traditional steel has failed. Our tungsten carbide ball bearings will therefore suit any situations where high temperatures and stresses combine. The material is made from a combination of tungsten and carbon (with the chemical formula:WC). tungsten carbide balls, tungsten carbide balls Suppliers Jul 25, 2021 · tungsten carbide balls, tungsten carbide balls Suppliers

  • Tungsten Carbide Ball Polished Carbide Ball Tungsten Carbide Polished Ball Of Various SizesTungsten Carbide Balls 1/4" Tungsten Carbide Diff Balls 6.35mmTungsten Carbide Ball Carbide Ball High Precision China Supplier 5mm Tungsten Carbide BallTungsten Ball Tungsten Tungsten Ball WeightsBal-tec - Common Ball MaterialsTungsten Carbide Balls are manufactured from high grade material in the range of Tungsten Carbide 93.5-94.5%, Cobalt 5.5-6.5%. The balls may be ground with diamond wheels and shaped with electro discharge machines. This is one of the hardest, toughest, and most rigid materials available. It Tungsten Carbide Ball - precisionballsTungsten Carbide Ball. Cemented Tungsten Carbide is an incredible material. It was originally developed for use as a cutting tool in machine tool applications where it still finds wide use today. It is extremely hard at 91 HRA which is equivalent to 1500 Vickers 30. This material is very wear resistant, with some abrasion tests showing it at 30 times hard steel.