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1075 vs. 1095 Bushcraft USA Forums. Dec 27, 20151075 is tougher and faster to sharpen but 1095 beats it in edge retention and max hardenability. The only real chemical difference is that 1095 has more carbon. Both great steels though 1095 is generally the better knife steel. It still takes a beating and the better edge retention is a plus. Arcadia Knives:2012Dec 20, 2012 · 1. Santoku Knife - Black Ash Burl Handle w/Green Liner - AUS8 Stainless Steel Blade - $110 2. Camp Knife - Duffle Bag Mycarta Handle - Forged 1080 Carbon Steel Blade - $190 3. Skinner Knife - Black Denim Mycarta Handle - 1095 Carbon Steel Blade - $100 (All the Sheaths shown are hand-made specifically for that knife.)

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May 01, 2014 · Jan 22, 2010. #3. HR= Hot Rolled, CRA=Cold Rolled Annealed. CRA has a nice bright smooth finish and is much easier to drill, machine, & grind. HR comes as it is right off the roller, it will have mill scale and be harder to work. Unless you have a way to anneal it you are much better off with CRA. I use CRA 1095 from admiral and in my opinion Heat Treat Information, data, FAQ - USA Knife MakerHeat Treating 1095 Reference data:ASM Book:Practical Heat Treating by Boyer Written by Tracy Mickley USAknifemaker 1095 is a high carbon steel with .95% carbon (the 95 in 1095) and is proven, good quality knife steel with good edge retention. 1095 is considered slightly “fussier” about heat treating than say 1080 or 5160. This isn’t a deal break at all Heat Treating Knives, Blades etc - Forums - I Forge IronJan 10, 2013 · But seriously, I am almost all self taught ( I have had a lot of help from Forums like this one and primarily Knifedogs and one other guy) and after destroying several blades taking it back to the grinder after HT, I decided that if I couldn't get the scratch out it was a'gonna stay! there are many ways to make a knife, and only 1 right way

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Nov 07, 2012 · And I have quenched 1075, 1084 (mostly), 1095, and W2 in it, if you're wanting it faster, just heat up a chunk of steel when you're cooking your blade and put it in just before you put your blade in, that'll increase the viscosity of the oil and make it cool faster. advice please ? - PaleoPlanetwhat steel to order // in short ill stockremove &use hand files excetra i have a way to heat the steel for a goo R.W. should i use 1095*I want to start making knives. What do I need Dec 23, 2010 · Hi everyone, I would like the hear your thoughts on what I need to start making knife. It's just for fun, I don't want sell them or anything. I started to be more and more interested in custom knives and knife making in general and since I don't work much during winter time I