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We carry metal T-Bar stock in Aluminum, Brass, and Stainless Steel. Metal T beam is great for load bearing applications as the top (flange) serves to resist compressive stress while the vertical section (web) resists shear stresses and bending. Metal tee bars have an advantage over angle because of the shape of the T, angle bar will not bear as much weight. Dimensions of TEE Steel Beams equal and unequal European Dimensions and Weights (full) ASME B36.10 Pipes (11 pages) NPS 1/8 - NPS 80; Dimensions and Weights (full) ASME B36.19 Pipes. NPS 1/8 - NPS 30; Dimensions and Weights of

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A T-profile is just as it sounds:it looks like the letter T. It can be a jointed one - if it is welded or bolted, or warm-manufactured - when it's hot rolled or extruded. As with other profiles and beams the horizontal part of the cross-section is called a "flange" while the vertical part is called "web". Metals Depot® - Buy Steel Beams Online!Commonly termed an I Beam because of its shape, beams provide great load bearing support when used horizontally or standing as columns. Available in two configurations, the most popular being the Wide Flange Steel Beam aka H Beam or W Beam with non-tapered flanges. This beam shape has a wider profile for added horizontal strength, making it ideal for sky scrapers or as a house beam, along with bridge beams, trailers, platforms, etc. Standard American Beams, aka Junior Beams or S Beams REFERENCE CATALOGUE - Brunswick SteelSTAINLESS STEEL T304, T304L A widely used general purpose stainless steel. It is excellent for forming, drawing and welding, and provides good corrosion resistance without post-weld annealing. The extra low carbon of T-304L permits the use of this steel in corrosive service in the as-welded condition. Typical Yield Strength 33,000

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Flat Mild Steel - Unequal Angles 22 Fencewire - Barbed Wire - Steel Fence Posts 82 Equal Angles - Squares - Light Billets 23 Easy Sheets - G.P. Meshes - W-Strap 83 Round Mild Steel - Railway Line 24 Standard Galv Gates - Gate Fittings 84 Tapered Flanged Beams - Channels 25 Universal Beams - Universal Columns 26 Metalcorp Steel Rural Crushes Stainless Steel H Beam-Stainless Steel Profile-TISCO Stainless Steel H Beam-Stainless Steel Profile-TISCO Stainless Steel Co., ltd. 201 Stainless Steel H Beam. 304 Stainless Steel H Beam. 316/316L Stainless Steel H Beam. 309/309S Stainless Steel H Beam. 310 Stainless Steel H Beam. 430 Stainless Steel H Beam. Stainless Structurals Chatham SteelStainless Steel Standard Beam:Laser Fused:S 5 x 10.0:5.00: Steel Standard Beam:Hot Rolled:S 6 x 12.5:6.00:3.332.232.359:12.5:Non Tapered Stainless Steel Standard Beam:Laser Fused:S 8 x 18.4:8.00: Tapered Stainless Steel Standard Beam:Laser Fused:S 8 x 23.0:8.00:4.171.441.425:23.0:Non Tapered Stainless Steel Standard Beam

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Our stainless steel structural tees are typically stocked as stainless 304. With a variety of flange and stem sizes, stainless tee bars can be used in designing enclosures, housings, food processing equipment and chemical tanks. The 304 alloy resists corrosion from many environmental factors, such as acid, fresh water and chemicals. T-section - Bebon steelsT-section,Because of its cross-section and the English letter "T" the same name, is the ideal alternative to double-angle steel welding. T-section steel has the advantages of strong bending resistance, simple construction, economical cost and light weight of structure, etc. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, railway construction, curtain wall decoration, vehicle manufacturing and WT Property Table Flange Web WT22X167.5 22 16 1.77 Mar 07, 2008 · WT Property Table Shape Depth Flange width Flange thickness Web thickness Area Sx Sy WT22X167.5 22 16 1.77 1.02 49.1 131 75.3 WT22X145 21.8 15.8 1.58 0.87 42.9 111 66.1

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60 x 60 x 3mm (2.80 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section:60 x 60 x 4mm (3.70 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section:60 x 60 x 5mm (4.60 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section:60 x 60 x 6mm (5.50 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section:70 x 70 x 7mm (7.30 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section:80 x 80 x 8mm (9.70 Kg/m) Stainless Steel Equal T-Section